What is Erythritol?

The Zero Calorie Sweetener

Sweet & Friendly Co. Erythritol

Sweet & Friendly Erythritol is 100% American made and where other sweeteners need to go through a chemical process to be made, we are extremely happy to be chemical free and use decades old process of fermentation to produce our erythritol. This is the same process you would see in the making of yogurt and other naturally fermented products.

Sweet & Friendly Co. Erythritol Technical Details

Production Process
Erythritol is the first polyol to be industrially manufactured by a fermentation process. The starting material is a simple sugar-rich substrate that is fermented using conventional yeast to yield erythritol. The product is then crystalized to 99.5% purity from the filtered and concentrated fermentation broth.

Molecular Structure

Sweet & Friendly Co. erythritol is a low molecular weight polyol, comprised of four carbon atoms. It appears as a white crystalline, odorless product that rapidly dissolves in water (up to 60 g/100 ml at 30°C) to produce a brilliantly clear, low viscosity, colorless solution.
FDA defines reduction as 25% or greater.

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