Product Applications


Applications: Bakery products, dairy products, frozen desserts, ice cream, pudding, sorbet, smoothies, yogurt.


  • Sugar-like taste in combination with intense sweetener
  • Excellent heat and acid stability
  • Improved shelf life
  • Great water activity management
  • Enhanced bulk and body
  • Optimal freezing point depression
  • Does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels

Improves Quality

When compared to sucrose in baking, Sweet & Friendly Co. erythritol exhibits different melting behavior, a more compact dough, fewer colour formations, better moisture control and softer baked products.

In addition, the use of erythritol as a bulking agent can support sugar replacement strategies and allow for lower calorie profiles in many dairy products and frozen desserts. 


Applications: Spoonable sweeteners, cubed sweeteners


  • Sugar-like taste and texture when used in combination with intense sweeteners\
  • Enhanced taste profile
  • Fewer calories
  • Non-hygroscopicity
  • Does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels
  • Clean, sugar-like taste
  • Fine crystal structure
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Attractive cooling effect
  • Moisture management
  • Does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels
Chewing gum coatings
  • Cost-effective combination of erythritol/sorbitol (ratio 40/60) for improved crunchy coating with better adhesion to centre in comparison to xylitol
  • Combines erythritol/maltitol (ratio 40/60) for improved crunchiness and lowest moisture pickup
Chewing gum sticks and center
  • Partial substitution of sorbitol with erythritol improves chewing gum process ability, texture (flexibility) and shelf life
Mint chewing gum
  • Provides an enhanced and long-lasting cooling effect 
Hard candies
  • Has a high cooling effect as a sherbet filling in stamped hard candies, or in double or triple layered hard candies when used in its crystalline form
  • The only polyol sweetener that allows a >30% calorie reduction in chocolate.
  • Presents an excellent gloss, good snap and melting properties, and pleasant cooling effect (particularly for mint-flavoured chocolate products).
  • The cooling effect can be masked by using mixtures with inulin, isomalt or maltitol.
  • Higher conching temperatures are possible, resulting in enhanced flavour development.
  • Tooth-friendly milk chocolate can be made with normal lactose-containing milk powder.

Applications: Carbonated soft drinks; dairy and soy drinks; energy drinks, frozen beverages, functional and flavoured water, juice, powdered beverages, RTD coffee, RTD tea, smoothies, sports drinks


  • Clean, sugar-like taste
  • Works well with high intensity sweeteners
  • Enhanced body and mouth feel
  • Optimal freezing point depression
  • Excellent heat and acidity characteristics
  • Does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels

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