Functionality Benefits


Clinically shown to reduce plaque and the risk of dental caries better than other polyols.

Well tolerated (highest digestive tolerance of all polyols)
Certified “toothfriendly” by Toothfriendly International
Attractive cooling effect

Works well with other polyols and high intensity sweeteners
Sugar-like taste


Supports Dental Health

Dental caries is a disease caused by oral bacteria that converts carbohydrates into organic acids and dental plaque, resulting in damage to the teeth. Unlike sugar, Sweet & Friendly Co. erythritol is not fermented by oral bacteria, and therefore does not promote dental caries.

In oral care applications, erythritol acts as a salivary stimulant and provides masking properties for astringent and bitter tastes. It also has demonstrated non-cariogenic properties.



Applications: Granulated powders; Lozenges; Syrups



  • Inert excipient; excellent carrier in capsules
  • Excellent flowability and stability in powders
  • Attractive cooling effect

Sugar Free Lozenges

  • Easy crystallization
  • Hard, crunchy texture
  • Shorter drying time (higher output, lower energy cost)
  • Excellent shelf life (non-hygroscopic)
  • Quality similar to traditional sugar-based lozenges


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